Monday, May 1, 2017

1 Day Pressed Juicery Cleanse + Dairy Free Journey

Today I wanted to take you on a small journey that I’m taking.  First off I love food, I would definitely call myself a foodie but today I decided to do a 1 day juice cleanse (I don’t see myself being able to last longer than that).  I’m doing this cleanse to prepare myself to eliminate dairy from my diet (on a vacation/special occasion I may have a little). I can’t really drink liquid milk, and have too much dairy or it makes me bloated, my skin breaks out, and I have stomach issues. The one type of dairy I can tolerate is cheese (which is generally low in lactose). However, I found maybe in the last year that I eat cheese multiple times a day (it’s so good right), and while it doesn’t cause the same stomach issues, my skin sometimes pays for it as well as bloating (hell and gas since we are being honest).


I’ve decided to try it for just the month of May, if it goes well and I actually feel better starting from the inside out I’ll definitely continue this lifestyle.



1 Day Cleanse Information:

Who:  Press Juicery

What: Cleanse 1 + 2 Cleanse Waters (recommended for first time cleansers or athletes aka gym rats who need a higher caloric intake)

Where: Walnut Creek, CA

However you can purchase online and they will deliver or there are several locations in the Bay Area including Marin, SF.  If you are in SoCal, NYC, Vegas, Seattle, and Hawaii you can find the Press Juicery as well.

How: Check out the Vlog of my 1 Day Cleanse

Also check out




Interested in going EVEN HARDER (3 day cleanse), then check out

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