Friday, October 16, 2015

"Style" Steal: Zenrez

Hey guys this will be a quick post, I just wanted to let you know about something cool I found out about recently (okay it’s not technically a style steal but you know what I mean). I know I’ve mentions that I like fitness on my blog before, and we all know taking different yoga, barre, and cycling classes can add up and really hurt your pockets. Luckily I recently found out about ZENREZ. Zenrez is similar to Mind Body Online which many fitness companies use with a dash of Living Social/Groupon (but far less intrusive).


Zenrez is basically a seamless experience for fitness-goers to find and book same-day fitness classes at great prices. For example a lot of Bay Area cycling classes are around $24-27 dollars each session, if you check on Zenrez you can find same day classes for on average $10 less than the normal price.
P.S. It’s only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pittsburg, and Los Angeles (for now).

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