Monday, August 10, 2015

New Venue: Drake's Dealership

I got to experience along with some other lucky Drake’s Brewing fans, the soft opening weekend of Drake’s Brewery.  Now East Bay Drake’s fan that aren’t as close to San Leandro can enjoy the beautiful brews, and some delicious bites to eat. Drake’s Dealership, is tucked perfectly into The Hive on Broadway in Oakland is a new indoor/outdoor venue which housed not only a fireplace, bar, ample seating, but also has what Drake’s is known for perfect brews!



Drake’s Dealership features their Year around Beer, as well as Limited Releases, and Experimental on tap, not to mention for none beer drinkers there are wine options, as well as my favorite coffee Highwire’s Howling Wolf.  If you are a Drake’s pro, then bring your Growlers/Bombers to be filled Want to try something different, you’ll have a chance to do that too, because soon they will also feature “guest beers” from other local breweries. What more can you ask for, I’m telling you this place is going to be great!




Check out my experience:



Service was very good especially since they got a ton of folks from First Friday and also fielding tons of question. They option for indoor outdoor seating also makes it a prime East Bay location for hanging with friends.  The location has  pretty good for parking (certain times of the day) and there is a small lot with minimal spaces, and the venue is bike-able but even better it's close to BART!!!


What I tried:


Amber Extra Special Bitter (5.9% APV)

Classically good amber although much darker than what I expect (which I like) definitely not to heavy.


Experimental Series Flight-

(Left to Right)


Oaklander Weisse (3.4% APV)

Berliner Weisse Style

Crisp, citrusy and suppppppppper refreshing (love), definite hot summer porch beer


7x70 (7% APV)

Experimental IPA Style

This one was ok, but I hate IPAs. If IPAs are your jam, then this is a very hoppy one with a good punch you’ll enjoy.


Summer Session Schwartz (4.3% APV)


Smoothest and lightest of any dark beer I've ever tasted. It was cold brewed ice coffee like in its beauty!




Bianca Pizza (Capers, Anchovies, Pecorino Romano)

If you like salty and anchovies this one is for you (and it was the one for me!), this is a sauceless one.


House Salad w/ Duck Breast

This venue has a lot of duck options on their menu (dying to try the duck poutine), and there is nothing wrong with a duck heavy menu. I added the Duck Breast to the house salad which featured arugla, blue cheese, pecans, cranberries and a nice house dressing. This one can be a meal in itself. Very tasty this is going to be a regular craving meal for me.


The venue officially opens today August, 10th (2015) and I really encourage you to check it out at some point.
Drake's Dealership
2325 Broadway Auto Row
Oakland, CA 94612

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