Thursday, March 20, 2014

NYX Cosmetics 30% off Sale!

Just in case you aren’t on the news letter list I had to make sure I shared that NYX Cosmetics is having 30% off their entire stire (today only and not coupon code needed). I love NYX Cosmetics, they have a wide range of colors and formulations, I always compare it to the much priceier ( with similar ingredents) MAC. One thing that NYX Cosmetics has over them is they are cruelty free which for me goes a long way.  I had some items that I wanted to get in the future but I guess I’ll be getting those today.  Just a note the site was REALLY SLOW today, all the make up mavens must be clamoring!

Check out one of my previous NYX Cosmetics hauls:

1 comment:

carley be said...

love the lip creams by NYX

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