Friday, February 21, 2014

Look for Less: TopShop's "Birkenstock Arizona"

So who would have thought that since Houghton had a runway show last year featuring Birkenstock that they would become a trend. I really wish I would have kept my pair (I had some up until 2 years ago) but every time I wore them I got the “dirty hippy” look so I stopped wearing them and eventually placed them in one of the donation bins.  I had a pair of  tan Arizona Birkenstocks ( and some red rubber Birki’s) and hey were so damn comfortable.  There even use to be a Birkenstock store in the Bay Area (Berkeley) which is where I purchased mine.

Flash forward to 2013's Houghton SS2014 show ( that entire line is spectacular) where the models were sporting *gasp* black and custom made Arizona Birkenstocks. Flash foward again a couple months to 2014 and now they are everywhere, on the runway, the streets of NYC, and now in every  “pocket friendly” designer inspired stores world wide. Zara has a lovely bejeweled pair that I’d love to have, but if you want to get as close to the Birkenstock Arizona’s (which are now being sold at Urban Outfitters of all places) without spending the $90-$120 dollars for them try TopShop’s FANCIE Chunky Sandal ($65.00). I cannot be sure if the foot bed is as perfect as an actual Birkenstock and if it can boast  the foot health benefits, but TopShop’s are damn cute.

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