Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Supernatural Hair with Natural Oasis Hair and Skincare

Hi, my name is Kasey and I’m an addict. A former hair “product junkie” that is. Once I chopped off all of my relaxed hair and “went natural” I was on a mission to find out what worked best for me. On that mission I discovered a wonderful brand called curlBox which supplied me with a plethora of products from co-washers to stylers and everything in between (I highly recommend. It helps you find out what works).  Parallel in this journey I also started CrossFit, eating Paleo, and trying to clean up my overall lifestyle by eliminating the over processed items and chemical from my life.  Ultimately I came to the decision that I really needed to clean up my hair care regiment and remove the chemicals, as well as get a routine so my hair wouldn’t need to go through a million changes from wash to wash.  

That didn’t mean I stopped becoming a YouTube addicted, I’m telling you some of these ladies give me so much inspiration with their styling and techniques. One such lady is Jouelzy who recently went through a hair transformation of her own (an awesome cut). In addition to her YouTube channel she has blackhairkitchen.com where I was first introduced to Natural Oasis hair care.  The hair care line is all natural, and is 100% edible and also doubles as a skincare line. As I read the interview with Jamia the owner of Natural Oasis on blackhairkitchen.com I became more than interested, and when I found out the beautiful style Jouelzy had was courtesy of Jamia and a result of her Natural Oasis line I had to try. Let me just tell you I am very pleased and love the idea that I’m not only cleansing and conditioning my hair/scalp but I’m doing so in a way that is not harmful to me or my sensitive scalp ( ugh that damn psoriasis). Check out more on my introduction to the line on my YouTube page as well as how I use it below!

Oh one last thing this line isn’t just for black hair only many of my fellow Paleo Ladies (who aren’t black) also use a “no poo” methods many of which include apple cider vinegar, so some of these products are also for YOU! J

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