Monday, January 13, 2014

Rock & Polish Oakland

I'm sorry but sometimes ambiance is EVERYTHING! The ambiance at Oakland's Rock and Polish does not disappoint and neither does the quality of their manicure/pedicure (I opted for the express mani/pedi).

I have my 2 (okay 3-ish) salons that are my go to places for quality manicures and pedicures, Rock & Polish is definitely being added to that list. What I found pleasant is along with the ambiance, excellent customer service, and quality of work, the cost wasn't  exurbanite. An express mani/ pedi was 28 dollars as opposed to 40 at some places that assume that because they wrap the salon in a pretty package you should pay more.

This is not to say that the affordable price point equates in low class service or clientele (if you live/frequent Oakland nail shops you know what I mean). The nail techs and clientele match the city of Oakland itself with their diversity. The shop is appointment only which equates into one on one time, and prompt service (because who has time to wait). Additionally clients are buzzed in, (Note: this is not a reflection of the neighborhood which is an excellent one) which adds a level of security for all.

Rock & Polish is also much more than a Nail Salon, you can host your own pamper party/bridal shower and even rent out the space for your own specific event. After I left my mani/pedi appointment I came back that evening for a commercial shoot for Lightworks Booth Photography. Rock & Polish is sure to give you a pleasant experience no matter what your needs are. 

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