Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Obsessing over Little Blue Olive


Star Hat Star Headband Glitter Star Gold and Black

I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening, I surely did. With the new year I found my newest obsession, the Little Blue Olive shop on Etsy. Little Blue Olive is original Crown Headband brand, and the owner/designer Brandy makes much more than crowns her line which is named after her daughter includes birthday hats, hair pins, and my other new year obsession headbands (of the non-crown variety).

Gold Star Headband Puffy Fabric Star Headband

Many of you know I'm styling my hair in twisted updos to keep my hands out of my curls, retain my current length and of course so my hair will grow. I came upon Little Blue Olive, simple because twisted updos can get boring and after a Etsy search for headbands I came across the Gold Star Headband I then delved further into the Little Blue Olive shop and became obsessed with every sparkle, every cute detail that I saw (I actually ordered twice in one day *sigh*).

Tuxedo Crown Black Glitter Crown Mini Tuxedo and Bow

The line is reasonably priced from $6-26.00 both the crowns and other headbands come in sizes from a baby to an adult. The glitter, felt, and headband colors can all be customized (unless otherwise noted) and each holiday you can expect limited edition items (the Christmas stuff was VERY cute).

Felt Bow Hair Clips Set 

The only draw back is because each item is handmade there is a 2-3 week turn around time for your order so if you need multiple items for a birthday party or a specific event then you must plan in advanced. Other than that the line is lovely, for both you, your little one or your teenager.

Want to learn more about Little Blue Olive?

Etsy Shop: Little Blue Olive
Instagram: littleblueolive

Photo Credit: Little Blue Olive


kira said...

wow I like your lips.
are you using the kardashian beauty lip plumping shimmer?

Kasey said...


Not sure if you are speaking of the pictures associated with this post if so they are not of me so I cannot speak to what lip gloss is worn.

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