Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drool worthy Ladakh Pieced Faux Fur Jacket

Photo Credit Urban Outfitters
I don’t own a fur and yes it’s because I don’t wear animal skin (I’m not full blown PETA I eat meat), I just don’t understand it just like I don’t understand hunting for sport but let’s not go all the way there.  I also don’t own a faux fur, because many of them aren’t faux at all (dog hair from China ….scary) or they are just plain butt ugly. This beauty from Urban Outfitters is *Rachel Zoe Voice* UH MAH ZING, I haven’t really seen a piece that looks authentic and has such a classic vintage quality.  The Ladakh Pieced Faux Fur Jacket  It’s reminiscing of a pieces I’ve seen in the 3rd floor of my grandparents’ home which use to house all my fabulous aunts old clothes from the 70’s ( I was always a winner on 70’s day at school). I’d wear it with a pair of jeans, wedges and a t-shirt for a simple yet eye catching look, or it could be paired with LBD or the Blaque Label Sequin Maxi Skirt I’ve been eyeing for a full on Scarface-eque decedent glam-fest.  The site says it’s acrylic/polyester but I’ll need to do my research to make sure it’s truly faux and not to mention I’m on a budget so I’m going to wait it out at least until a big time online Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 
Photo Credit Urban Outfitters

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