Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is Paleo?

 I know I’ve been speaking about Paleo in some of my recent post, and I guess it’s high time I let you know what that is (at least to me). 

The reason is simple I’m eating for optimal health which in turn helps me in my performance in half marathons, my performance in the gym, and my day to day energy.  For me the paleo lifestyle is a way to not only nourish myself with some kick ass food, but to also supplement myself without a boat load of vitamins, and crazy supplements.  To be honest, I’ve had battles in the past with some severe constipation, skin issues (breakouts), and just overall fatigue. In the last few months with me primarily only meat ( I only eat poultry, and fish this is not a new thing), vegetables, fruit, and good fat, I have not had any constipation, my energy level throughout the day is higher, and I have not had one single breakout (not even a hormonal pimple). Now if you know me personally, or have ever seen my instagram page you KNOW I’m a foodie, I grew up with a Dad who use to be a chef and always cooked, an aunt who was a baker, and a huge family of spectacular Southern Cooks, not to mention my brother is now a chef. Being paleo doesn’t mean not enjoying food, eating bland, or not eating, it is simply is a cleaner way of eating. Now that’s not to say that I’m perfect and that I’m 100% paleo all the time, I’m pretty much 100% paleo Monday –Friday and I’ll definitely have a cheat meal (and a few epic cheat beers) on Saturday, and Sunday is typically a mix of paleo and a real food diet (I’ll eat non-paleo items but try and find it in the best quality non-gmo, organic, etc.), so I’m mostly Paleo.

If the thought of this lifestyle seems daunting it really isn’t once you try it (check out the Whole30), you’ll see and feel amazing results. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a rather fit person before I started eating paleo and my stomach is in a constant state of flat (NAMASTE), my gains and strides physically in CrossFit have been much faster than what I think they would be without eating right, and as I mention before my hair and skin are kick ass! 

Even if you don’t want to go all the way Paleo, I encourage all of you to have a plan when you hit the grocery store and avoid boxed (and the inner aisle all together), prepackaged (yes even from Whole Foods), farm raised (code for cage raised), antibiotics filled foods and start asking your butchers, and store clerks questions about where they food came from and how that impacts your body.

P.S. for you sweet eaters Paleo does not mean giving that up either check out my fellow CrossFit Oakland comrade’s Oakland Based Bakery

More information on Paleo:

My favorite sites for Paleo Recipe’s:

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MindYourOwn said...

Hey, first off. Good for you. PROUD that you're doing good things to your body. I too started crossfit not too long ago and my boyfriend he pretty much got me into it. I noticed many people who are in crossfit do the paleo diet and I just wanna say kudos to you because I find it hard for myself to have that self discipline.

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