Monday, September 16, 2013

Unity Vibrations Kombucha Beer (Ginger)

Let me start off this love letter, I mean review by saying MIND BLOWN!  This beautiful concoction is heaven sent to a girl who loves good Kombucha and is obsessed with quality beer. Granted this blend is less like beer and more like Kombucha, but with a big time 8% alcohol content (that's Belgian Triple status). 

Michigan based Unity Vibrations has many variety of Kombucha beer including double hops and juniper flower, raspberry and more. The Ginger flavor as I mention taste like straight up Kombucha with very little hops flavor (good for me because I hate hoppy beer). The company classifies their beer is a sour varietal (and I love sour beer), which for many folks is scary and for me is a misnomer as the ginger flavor is soft, and there is absolutely no vinegary edge to it. The beautiful color of the beer reminds me of one of my favorites Pranqster. 

Over all the taste, appearance and the beautiful soft ginger notes are perfect 10's while the price is a tad steep. It also has that sediment at the bottom that all good Kombucha's have, I’d definitely drink this again and can't wait to find a store that carries the other varieties. 

Filtered Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Ginger, Organic Hops, and Organic Black Tea

With a big dinner (ginger aids in digestion) or anything that’s spicy or heavy

Where to Buy: 

Whole Foods Oakland 

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