Friday, September 6, 2013

Luxe For Less- Fitness

Since before I've started this blog I've been in love with fashion and beauty products, I've also been in love with getting a good deal on the more luxurious fashion and beauty products as well. What you may not know and are slowly finding out via the update to my blog content is that I love great food, and my ultimate passion is fitness.

My favorite running shorts and shoes....both found on sale!  

Being in love with running (half marathon distance), and CrossFit means that I have to invest in fitness attire. Now many of us ladies who love fashion, don’t want to look like we are trying to hard (make up in the gym is a SIN ladies) nor do we want to look like we just rolled out of bed, we don’t want to buy cheap pieces that will fall apart after a couple washes, and we really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on those over priced pieces either. So what is a woman to do?  Here’s my three point plan of attack for finding great fitness luxe fitness attire for less.

Luxury Fitness stores:
I know what some of you are saying,  “this type of store has the most expensive stuff” that is true but they also have the most quality, and luxe looking products as well.  Did I also happen to mention that every store has a sale rack. First tip, the sale racks are hidden back near the fitting rooms, so make sure you check back there even if you don’t plan on trying anything on.  Second tip, shop around some stores get way more inventory and therefore always has a better sale rack (do a couple drops ins of the same store at different locations), and last luxury fitness store tip don’t forget to check on line the close outs (their “we made too much” section) there are usually far greater than the ones in store, the only drawback is the shipping.

Discount Big Box Shops:
This place is a no brainer when it comes to quality fitness gear, the key with these two stores are patience as the racks tend to be messy and unorganized. This is a great place for big name brands in the sports and fitness arena like Nike, New Balance, Reebok etc. I've purchases a pair of compression pants for 20 dollars and seen them online for over 50 dollars, so if you have time and a high tolerance for browsing this is the place for you.

Chain "Drug stores":
Who doesn't love this place? A chain drug store is perfect for two things tops, and wait for it sports bras.  Firstly their tops have proven to be quality and long lasting , two of my favorite tops are from a chain drug store and I've had them for over a year and a half and they are still in excellent condition.  As for the surprise item, sports bras from drug stores seem to be my favorite they carry makes the best bras for a wide variety of ladies (small to large busted). Many of the bras have a cup size, which for a lady who is a top heavy means the difference between a great run, and a very embarrassing one.

Online Flash Sale Shops:

Online flash sale shops are my latest find, I’m sure you may have seen pop up ads from them here and there and totally ignored them. I’m urging you to never ignore sign up for one! These flash sale shops are basically overstock items which have limited sale times and range  from children/baby clothing, lingerie, plus size, women’s clothing and shoes,  home goods, and you guessed it fitness attire. There is anything from a great name brand sports bra to yoga pants/mats. I’m totally in love with these type of shops and every single item I've purchases thus far have all been under 20 dollars and I've gotten a compliment every time I've worn a piece for a flash sale shop.  The one drawback is they usually don’t ship your item until 10 to 14 days after the original purchase, but if you are willing to wait for the BEST deal then online flash sale shops are definitely for you. 

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