Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shoptalk: RiRi Hearts M.A.C Summer Collection EPIC FAILURE!

Warning: This is a rant!

I've never been a die hard MAC girl (I'm a NARS girl tried and true), but I have always supported the brand because they've always made colors for brown girls. Yesterday was the launch 5 of the summer items from the Exclusive online only Rihanna collection. Much like last month when they released the RiRi Woo lipstick the online systems were horrible, wait times for items to even get into your cart were 4 hours or more than once you got the item in your cart you then had to sign in and handle transactions which was another 15 minutes or more of loading. You would have thought I'd learn my lesson with the entire RiRi Woo debacle but myself and so many others did not.  

What I really was expecting is that MAC would have learned their lesson from the similar RiRi Woo release and upgrade their checkout systems but instead they rested on the brand name recognition,  a pop stars name and failed to do the basics of online business which I find tacky, low budget, and an amateur move. On top of the wait I (and many others) wake up to find that some of our items have been back ordered. You mean to tell me after all that waiting, that they didn't have appropriate stock?!  That just shows me the lack of basic intelligence and moreover lack of respect for their customers. What’s even more amazing is that MAC’s home screen is still  plastered with cosmetics for sale that are clearly back ordered. Why would you even be presenting some of the lipsticks as available when they clearly aren't….now they are straight up lying to people. I'll clearly never be doing business with that brand again no matter how cute the color is or what name is behind the exclusive launch. 

Still selling supposedly back stocked items a day after the launch and same day back order emails go out

I rarely do anything like this on my blog but this is poor customer service on a level that should not be expected from a company such as MAC. The entire process was just too trashy to not say anything. The fact that they don't respect loyalty, especially that of their die hard fans enough to not only present a great product but also great customer services is disappointing. 

Check out the mess on twitter:

And it's still going on today.....


I went to go cancel the remainder of my order and was told "You  can definitely cancel the back ordered item, but I won't be able to cancel the lustre drops" (note:I purchased this less than 24 hours ago). So not only is the system horribly set up, I can't even cancel? The lady (who I was nice with because it's not her fault) at customer service stated she would put a note on the order and "hopefully" the cancellation will go through or.... wait for it, refuse the shipment once it gets to my house. WOW

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