Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nailed It: Moku Moku French and The Wave

There baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yes, I’ve gone back to the nail art I love the most Cal Gel and Bella Forma nails, Japanese style.  I’ve gone back to Bisou Nail Lounge, where Keina is still the owner and fabulous nail artist, but there is some new blood Masako, who is a great artist in her own right. Masako did what she called the Moku Moku French (that’s what it’s called in Japan), and a wave design I picked out.  Over all I’m extremely happy with the art as I always was.

Here’s a recap on Cal Gel/Bella Forma nails for those of you who’ve never seen me post about it, and for those who need a refresher.

Both Bella Forma  and Cal Gel USA are from a company called by Bellissima International. The product are organic, breathable, and far more flexible (closer to normal nail/less stress in removal), than you’re more common Shellac/Gelish gel nails. Cal Gel and Bella Forma also allow for more artistic expression since different brushes can be used for application.  


Q) How much does it cost?
A) It depends on what you get, just to get a basic set (clear) it is $50. The pictures shown are in the 65-70 range.

Q) How long do they last?
A) Up to 4 weeks, I’ve been cheating and going every two weeks which is not recommended, I’m going to go for 3 weeks going forward.

Q) 4 Weeks?! How do you keep them looking so nice?
1. I always choose a design that is clear at the base of my nail so that when they do grow out you can’t see it.

2. I also use Nail/Cuticle oil daily keeps your cuticles nice and also helps your actually nails too!
If you'd like your question answered leave it in the comment sections and I'll try and answer it next month!

Like my nails then check out Bisou Nail Lounge: 5292 College Ave Oakland, CA 

P.S. Don't fret my nail polish line Lacquery is still alive and well (and being worn on my toes for the Spring/Summer). Look out for new colors coming in the next couple weeks! 

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