Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Corner: Winter Honey Deep Conditioner

Winter is here in full gear, and while the sun is shining in the SF Bay Area the air is dry and has a distinct chill. With winter weather (some places are worse than others) come the winter hair and skin woes. My skin is notably drier in the winter, and my hair is typically find but this year since I no longer have a relaxer I have to take some extra care in making sure it retains moisture.  This DIY recipe for a deep conditioner treatment isn’t exclusive to unprocessed hair it can be used by anyone (regardless the hair type) during these winter months.


1. Honey
2. Olive Oil
3. Aloe Vera Juice (not the kind that is loaded with extra sugars)

1. Combine ½ cup of Honey, ¼ cup of Olive Oil, and a table spoon of Aloe Vera in a bowl ( it will take a while for the honey to completely mix with the oil)
2. Place it on your hair as you would conditioner (this can be messy, have towels handy)
3. Place a plastic cap on your head and sit under (or not) for 30 minutes.
**I skipped the dryer step and sat under my steamer as I do with all my deep conditioner treatments with no cap…it was a mess but worth it.
Result… hair was soft, shiny, and well moisturized.

Other Ideas:
·                     Use a different oil that you know works well with your hair/skin i.e. coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil
·                     Skip the  Aloe Vera Juice
·                     Play around with the measurements

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