Thursday, December 6, 2012

Accessory Find of the Week: Mossimo Satchel

 Call me a nay- sayer or a hater but I just wasn’t inspired by the collaboration with Neiman Marcus + Target. Correction I should say I wasn’t feeling the price point (there was a shirt or two I liked); I just found it far too expensive for items which are still mass marketed. Being the diligent blogger, and frugalista that I am, I did pop in to Target to take a look at the items in person but before I could make it to the collaboration area I saw the loveliest purse, and it wasn't a part of the diffusion line it was the Mossimo Solid Metallic Satchel  (shown here in Copper). The satchel comes in copper, silver, gold, as well as non-metallic varieties and is styled like a much more expensive brand. I don’t have any metallic bags so I’ll definitely get this at a reasonably priced 24.99. This means I can also get my favorite of the non-metallic color, Smoke. Smoke is a faux snakeskin variety that I would wear with almost anything. Other than the great style, I also like that the bag is small enough for a night out, but large enough for day to day so you’ll definitely get your 25 dollars’ worth and more. Happy Shopping!

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