Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoptalk: evieFrench

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I like cool accessories to jazz up simple looks and of course I love my Bay Area designers.  Here’s a little back ground before I tell you about the next designer. I first met Amber Aaron through her cousin who is a friend of mine; she was the younger beautiful ingénue of the group and eventually went off to college where she matured into a smart(er), savvy, sophisticated woman with a wonderful sense of style, and a great hand at making beautiful jewelry. Design her jewelry line evieFrench as with many things in most women’s lives came out of nowhere. The lines name however, was an idea for far long before the jewelry came; it’s named after her maternal grandmother Evelyn Marie French.  As with most designers, Amber has many passions and her primary profession is that of a style consultant which she runs under the A.N.A name.

evieFrench, can be currently found on etsy and consist of jewelry made using various beading, and metals. The look of her line is very organic and truly speaks to the Bay Area sense of style.  I’m personally in love with the bow and red howlite rings (both pictured). I can’t wait to see how evieFrench grows  and what new looks/styles will be coming our way!

Check out Amber Aaron on Social Media:

Twitter: @ANA_Styles

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