Thursday, September 20, 2012

BASF Vintage Week: Alameda Point Fashion Faire (Fall 2012)- Steampunk

This ring was spectacular, beautiful work from Steampunk Jewelry Co. & Castle Walls

You don't have to be into Steampunk to wear Cheryl's designs

Beautiful upcycled key looks for Oakland based designer Cheryl Brown

The Alameda Point Fashion Faire is always themed, and this season’s theme was Steam Punk. Steam Punk is a
subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steampower of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world ( put it in a frame of reference gives a visual representation of the genere would be film, movies like,  The Golden CompassVan HelsingHellboy, and a personal favorite The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  These all happened to be movies I really liked both from a story point of view and visually, so I guess I was a fan of Steampunk and didn’t even know it. Some fans of the subgenere dress in a Victorian meets Tech style of clothing, including some of the vendors. 

There was even an entire room dedicated to the awesome style, which featured primarily accessories but some of the clothing in the form of corset and hats in the other rooms would work well to complete a look.  I have to say I had the most fun in this room. 

WANT! ( nothing more to say) from Steampunk Jewelry Co. & Castle Walls 
Steampunk Jewelry Co. and Castle Walls had the best "gate way" to steam punk pricing (these were so fun too)
These cameo pieces were probably the most expensive items and rightfully so ( so beautiful) from Steampunk Mercantile
Awesome medals meet clocks from Col. James con Siegfried's Steamy Bits & Pieces
Col. James von Sigfried of Steamy Bits & Pieces his deigns had a cool military aesthetic
Lovely upcycled looks from Out of Time Steampunk Creations
I loved all the deconstructed clocks.  Out of Time Steampunk Creations

Here is more information on the vendors featured in this post:

Out of Time Steampunk Creations
Steve & Sue designers

Steampunk Jewlery Co. & Castle Walls

Col. James von Sigfried’s Steamy Bits & Pieces

Cheryl Brown Designs

Steampunk Mercantile

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