Friday, July 6, 2012

Nailed It: Neon-V

I’m always inspired by the Nail Polish and Nail Art blog community, and this week’s nail art inspiration comes from one of my favorite blogs I just stumbled upon this year Chalkboard Nails.  I was inspired by Sarah’s Fishtail manicure, which I changed up a little and just made into inverted V’s instead of curving the brush. It was also a chance to use the Colour Me Up box set that LCN so graciously sent to me! 

I have another LCN story coming soon, and I’m in love with the purple in the box and I think I’ll be using it for my next manicure. Also check out Chalkboard Nails’ review of my nail polish line Lacquery!

Step 1: Paint Nails a base color 

Step 2: Using a second color paint an inverted V on the nails starting close to the cuticle edges

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 using a third color starting the V from the middle of the nail this time. 

Need more details and step by step, check out Sarah's video:


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