Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Corner: For Audrey Sunglasses

It’s clear I’ve become obsessed with DIY, and since it’s officially summer (yeap as of today) I’m bringing you yet another pair of sun glass option.

  1. Cheap pair of  round sunglasses ( I got mine from ebay for 5.00 bucks)
  2. Glue (I use 
  3. Pearl rhinestones
  4. Blow Dryer to use after affixing the pearls with the glue (if not pearls will slip and it can get a tad messy)
  5. Orange Stick to apply the glue onto the backs of the flowers
  6. Beading wire
  7.  Pearl Beads
  8. Bead Crimper
  9. Pliers ( this is to clamp down bead crimper)
  10. Eyeglass Leash Ends

* You can get all items from Micheal’s or any other craft store unless otherwise noted.


I’m going to skip the directions for how to affix the pearls to the sunglasses, refer to my previous DIY post here

  1.     Cut bead wire to desired length ( I did mine to about 28 inches)
  2.       Attach the bead wire to one eyeglass leash end by looping wire through the leash end and placing the crimper as close as possible to the leash end and clamping with pliers
  3.     Begin beading the wire with pearls leaving room at the end
  4.  Repeat step number 1 on the opposite end
Now you have a great classic, Audrey Hepburn with a twist look. You can wear the glasses alone or with the pearl lanyard. Even better the lanyard can be work with other glasses/sunglasses. 

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