Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Worst of the Met Ball 2012

For as many times as someone succeeds they have probably had some failed attempts and fashion is no exception. While there were some beautiful looks at the Met Ball there were some real stinkers. My hope is that these ladies redeem themselves which I know they can and will in the near future.

Chanel Iman in a Tom Ford gown
She is so beautiful, and Tom Ford makes spectacular clothing so I'm not sure what happened here. Chanel looks like a little girl playing dress up in her moms closet, in this case the mom is a hoochie momma from the 90's. This is bad on every level, too much sheer, the faux slit, the high neck, the pompadour hair just BAD. 
Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada

The mullet dress gone all the way wrong. First off it's SATIN and that can be a nightmare of a fabric, with the wrinkles and puckering all in the wrong places. Secondly this dress looks handmade, which usually is compliment if a designer hand makes a dress for you, but this one looks hand made by someones grandma. And seriously was there really a need for a short/long dress with an halter as a top?  The over all looks cheap, poorly tailored and rushed.  Hair and makeup are fab! 

 Mary-Kate Olsen in The Row

*Long Silence* .............. What in the hell, Mary-Kate looks like she has risen from the dead to attend this event. While unlike Gwyneth's look the satin is done right ( it's not wrinkled, crinkled etc) this dress is horrible...too long, too big, too old. The bag looks like purse that a granny would keep her knitting needles and yarn in. I don't even want to attempt to address the makeup and hair  it's far too severe, the hair looks over processed and unhealthy it's just bad. Morticia Adams called to say "Mary-Kate have a damn seat" 

 Janelle Monae in I have no idea, searched the net no hint of the designer

Aaaaaaaah, I hate doing this because I absolutely LOVE Janelle Monae. Once again  stop wearing satin outfits (dresses or otherwise) unless the fabric is spectacular and the tailoring is perfection.  While I love that Janelle has stuck with her signature style (pants) I hate that I can tell that she's just gotten out of the car via every wrinkled in the front of this pants suit, and right at her crotch nonetheless. This is a perfect case of when bad outfits happen to good people. Bravo for the hair and makeup!

Elizabeth Banks in  Mary Katrantzou  Fall/Winter 2012-13

TANGO-WHISKEY-FOXTROT ....ABORT ABORT ABORT! This dress is a failed mission in fashion. This is a classic case of wanting to wear every trend at one time. Cape trend (from fall), peplem trend, mixed print trend, unexpected hemline trend.....just too much! While I do expect the prints because  it's a Mary Katrantzou  gown and that's what she is known for it's just a little too much but if done on a  different style of dress it might have work. The makeup is fine, but the hair pulled back and poofed in the front makes her look older. 

I mean really who told Elizabeth Banks she should actually wear one of the costumes from "The Hunger Games" to this event?

Photo Credit: Rex Features


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