Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Corner: Inspired by a-morir by Karen Rose Phillips Sunglasses

I absolutely love a-morir by Kerin Rose as you well know by one of my earlier interview with the designer. She keeps out doing herself with wonderful glasses and the Phillips and Cass glasses are no exception. However since I can't afford $250 (for the Phillips pictured top) and $400 ( for the Cass pictured bottom) I decided to DIY my own!
Amoir by Kerin Rose DIY



1. Cheap pair of sunglasses ( I got mine from ebay for 2.98 bucks)
2.  Glue ( I used E6000)
3.  Cabochon roses I used resin ones but you can use clay polymer flowers for a matte look too.
4. Blow Dryer to use after affixing the flowers with the glue (if not flowers will slip and it can get a tad messy)
5. Orange Stick to apply the glue onto the backs of the flowers

Total- $15.00
Visual How too:


Anonymous said...

These are great and I like the colors even more than the originals!

trishfish said...

Those are amazing! I really love the glasses as they came though, too. Is there anyway you can give me the ebay seller for them? I want a pair of my own.


Kasey said...

If you do a search of 80's Clubmaster, on ebay or even on Google you should be able to find a pair in both white and black.

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