Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bag It: My Other Bag

The back of one of My Other Bag

Being a California girl and a Bay Area native I'm naturally a little more eco conscious. More and more cites around the Bay Area, and the entire state of California are "forcing" others to do the same, most notably with plastic bag bans.  Many stores don't even have plastic bags, others give incentives if you bring in your own bag. This trend was the inspiration for Tara Martin to create My Other Bag. Tara went to a local store in Southern California where plastic bags were banned, Tara was taken a back by a eco friendly but rude cashier who tossed her groceries to the side since Tara didn't bring her own reusable bag. So Tara a  Luxury handbag lover created My Other Bag which is perfect for  the errand running mom (or any woman running errands), grocery shopping,  the gym, plane carry on, weekend getaway, or as your day to day purse.

From left to right, the Jackie and the Sophia

My Other Bag  totes are made in the USA ( LA to be exact) and retail for $25-$32. They can be found as well as specialty stores world wide and big name retailers

Super cool bonus is the My Other Bag art work is created by a Bay Area transplant by the name of Jameson Simpson, find out more about him here.

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