Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crimes Against Fashion: Styled By June, Snub?

Let me first say this, my blog is a blog for everyone all inclusive is the only way to be for me. I try to take race out of the picture as much as I can, however I can't deny that I'm African American. My blog is about fashion, beauty, and style first and foremost, but with that being said we can't deny the fact that race is an issue every where, and fashion/beauty/style aren't immune.

I'm bringing up a topic that I had in my head, and that I got into a discussion via twitter with @SheBreathe's (check out her site she's awesome!) about. She asked a simple question in the twitterverse, one that  I couldn't help but chime in on, "why aren't any fashion blogs talking about Styled By June? Styled by June is a show featuring stylist June Ambrose and her team revamp a "celebs" style. The show  premiered two weeks ago on Vh1 and  we both noticed that the big time fashion bloggers, haven't really said much of anything about this show.  These are the same bloggers who I've seen blog and live tweet about most fashion based shows, even the bad ones (read: Fashion Star). I even put it to the test I googled "Styled By June" and other than CNN and Huffington Post the only blogs that came up were ones run by African Americans or geared towards African Americans (results were as of 4pm PST on April 3rd ). No shade to CNN  and Huffington Post, but they aren't know as havens for fashion and style. I'm not saying ONLY people of color are posting about June Ambrose, I performed a Bing search and I did find  Hollywood Life,  episode recaps for the show, but for the most part the usual fashion blog suspects are missing.

So I've come to the conclusion (some may say I've jumped to one), that people aren't blogging or live tweeting the show because June is a "brown skinned girl". Now I'm not saying folks are racist, I'm saying that maybe they can't relate, maybe it's something they just aren't even aware of, or maybe something more sad that they assume their readers can't relate or won't be attracted to a post about a fabulous, and stylish black woman with her own fashion based TV show. I mean fashion is a clique, and has a culture/mold all it's own, and maybe, just maybe June Ambrose doesn't fit that mold and so she's not discussed like the other shows.  The argument that those "in the know" (big time bloggers) don't know who June Ambrose is,  or that she only styles "d listers" falls flat on me. June Ambrose is  thriving right smack dab in NYC, is the stylist for the X Factor (shocker), and has styled many recording artist. What do you think?

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