Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bag It: Wilma Clutch

I'm typically not a trend type of blogger, but every once and a while there is a trend that I like and covet this year it's all things neon. I know it's not for everyone the colors sometimes can be just a bit overpowering, however I'm not trying to wear head to toe. There are some great ways to wear neon that are subtle and add just enough flair to your outfit. I found the perfect combination at Bay Area online boutique Tobi  with the Wilma Clutch. The Wilma Clutch by a LA based company called Joia is gorgeous, and seriously who doesn't need a black Minaudière?! What's great about it is there is just enough neon green to add a little pizazz, but won't keep this purse from being worn for season to come. For those fashionistas who want to live a little more dangerously the Wilma Clutch is also available in Berry which is actually a neon pink and orange, as well as Neon Yellow which is a combination of neon yellow and  lime green. Extra bonus is this bag is vegan friendly as the exterior is faux leather, and the interior is faux suede, which from experience are both very durable and are as visually impressive as the real thing. The bag is a somewhat of a splurge item as it's $68, but if you get it in black I'm sure it will get enough wear to be worth the price, plus Tobi has sales regularly so check back frequently. HAPPY SHOPPING!

photo credit: Tobi

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