Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty Find of the Week: Lacquery Nail Polish

The original 4 colors All of the Lights, The Kid, Onyx, and Flocked

Lacquery is a wonderful new brand of nail polish created by drum roll please.... me! I am excited that my crazy obsession for nail art, and my rather large collection of polishes inspired me to do something more. I intend to keep this a small, boutique style operation, and I eventually hope to collaborate with Bay Area boutiques on custom colors, as well as custom colors for all.  I hope that you’ll support this fun adventure as well.

The line started last week with just 4 colors, The Kid (Jelly purple with Lavender Glitter), Flocked (A Glitter Infused Opaque White), All of the Lights (A clear Glow in the Dark topper), and Onyx ( A black glitter topperwith a newest arrival today Fairyland, but I have more colors coming soon.

Two coats of Flocked with some nail art of course. 

The colors are glitter focused, but I will make sure that I include some non glitter colors and large bottle sizes in the near future.  I tried to find a base for the polish that was not to thin, that you had to apply to many coats, and not to thick where it impacted the finish. All you need is one coat for a sheer look (or to wear over one of your other favorite colors), or two coats to get a more opaque look.

Newest color Fairyland

To see the rest of the colors, and purchase check out the Lacquery Store, and make sure to let me know what you think!

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