Monday, December 12, 2011

Shop Talk: Mikimoselle

Ever wanted to go shopping in France, or ever been to France to shop? Well whatever category you fall in you can now shop the best of French clothing at San Francisco Mikimoiselle. Mikimoiselle is a online shop which features well curated collection of independent French and even Japanese designers. Mikimoiselle opened up in November 2011, and is the brain child of international traveller, and internationally educated Miki Carlson. Miki was raised in a multicultural home ( Japanese mother, American Father), and had the opportunity to attend The International School, and eventually visit Paris which sparked the idea to create Mikimoiselle. For well curated, hard to find items the price points at Mikimoiselle are reasonable, nothing is typically over $300. The shop now houses many great designs ....
Antoine & Lili – Known for their fun, brightly colored stores – fuchsia, lime green, yellow, etc. – that dot Paris and other major cities across France. Each collection, whether it’s the design or material, is inspired by different cultures around the world. Their tag line is Made with Love.

Madeva – Anchored by a single store in the fashionable Le Marais district of Paris, the Madeva line creates whimsical yet stylish women’s apparel.

TURBO:wear – Based near Marseille in southern France, TURBO:wear has a contemporary and urban feel, creatively bringing together a wide range of material, from fleece to canvas and corduroy to velvet. You can very easily go from day to night with their styles.

Pas Touch Douce – Anne Poitral is the designer behind the label. She hand makes each piece which truly makes them one-of-a-kind. Very exclusive and only makes very small quantities.

Lorina Balteanu – Creates beautiful lace jewelry by transforming a medieval crafting technique into chic necklaces, earring and bracelets lined with colorful beads and pearls.

Un Jour Un Sac – Unique handbag designer that lets you personalize your bag by choosing your own body, handles and even the inside pocket(!), each of which comes in a wide variety of materials – leather, canvas, PVC. The combinations are endless and it’s lots of fun. Create a “new” bag each season by switching out the handle or body.
The shop is currently in it's first season, but Miki goes on many shopping trips and the shop will be updated monthly as well as seasonally. If you're look for a last minute Xmas gift, or a unique treat for yourself  I suggest you check out Mikimoselle.

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