Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nailed It: Bubble Gums

Well I’m back with another nail art post; I have to admit from the start that I’m not fully happy with my second try and ombre (gradation) nails. In the future I’ll be sticking to the full sponge technique in my Purple Rain II post. This technique also took a little more time; as the base color had to fully dry before moving to the sponge technique.

Here’s how I achieved the look:

Step 1-
Select 4 colors in the same color range ( from light to dark)

Step 2- 

Apply base coat (allow to dry), and apply the lightest shade to the entire nail. Depending on how opaque the color is you may want to apply two coats, and allow to dry completely.

Step 3- 

Apply the darkest shade to just the tip of the finger nail, like a french manicure. Don't worry it does not have to be perfect as this color will be covered by the sponge technique.

If this was done a little neater it would've been a cute stand alone look.
Step 4 -

Using the sponge technique described in my previous post apply the second to the lightest color  starting from 1/3 from the cuticle area ( allow for a short drying time), then the second darkest color starting from the half way point of the middle of the nail, and finally use the darkest color from step three and sponge on to the tip. Allow to dry fully and apply a topcoat.

While the process wasn't hard, I didn't really love the finished look. Although I think with practice it could look much better.

What version do you like the best this or Purple Rain?

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