Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nailed It: Almost For Audrey

                                         Please forgive me I forgot to clean up around my nails.

This particular art was inspired by many YouTube post using the China Glaze color "For Audrey", while I didn't have that color on hand I did have one that was very similar from Sinful Colors called "Mint Apple" and thought I'd give it a try. This look was also kind  of blast from the past, it reminds like of old school nail art that all the ladies with really long acrylics use to get in the early 90's.

The look itself was easy to achieve, and was done all free hand.

Tools Needed:
  •  Basecoat/TopCoat
  • 2 Nail Polish Colors of your choice
  • Dotting Tool ( or toothpick)

After applying my base coat the first thing I did using the nail polish brush is make a thick diagonal line (1/3 away from the cutical) to the tip. I think went to the other side of my nails and did the same thing (sorry not pictured). This makes the inverted chevron look.

I then placed a small amount of black nail polish on a piece of paper ( you can use a paper plate or anything you don't mind getting nail polish on), and dipped my dotting tool ( you can use a tooth pick) in it and made 3 dots along the first side of the inverted chevron. I allowed to dry and then I placed on a top coat.

Unfortunately I didn't  do a video tutorial of this particular look ( if you would like me to let me know), but I did do a tutorial on how to create leopard spots which you may like. Check it out......

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