Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vintage Point: Alameda Points Fashion Faire

Great Vintage Shoes from the Alameda Point Antique Fair

I know I’ve been a little lazy on the vintage portion of the blog, but with the news I’m delivering it’s worth the wait. Let me start by saying that I had the pleasure of visiting the Alameda Point Antique Fair for the first time last month, there were so many beautiful antiques, and food trucks what more could a girl want. It was a long road for me to get there too, after missing it because of being out of town or other plans. It was truly a great experience and I’m thankful to my friends for letting me know about this wonderful event which is held the first Sunday of every month. The Fair is filled with Antique pieces of art, furniture, letters, photographs, albums, bikes, almost anything you can think of, include spectacular clothing. The Fair also has a strict policy that all sellers must only bring items that are at least 20 years old, so this place is the real deal.

This October, 2nd the Alameda Point Antique Fair will occur just like normal but come October 22nd the Alameda Point Antique Fair will be hosting an amazing event just for fashion. The event is called the Alameda Point Fashion Faire which will host 50 dealers hand selected by the Alameda Points Antique Fair co-founder Sandra Michaan. There will be clothing from many decades starting at the 80’s and going as far back as Victorian times. What's also great is like the Sunday fair the price points will vary, and can accommodate a multitude of budgets ( p.s. ALWAYS BRING CASH). In addition to some great vintage fashions finds for yourself, Operation Care and Comfort will be in attendance collecting donations (personal care items, phone cards, disposable cameras, and Halloween Candy) for American Service men and women serving overseas. It will be a shame not to attend.
Who: Alameda Points Antique Fair
What: Alameda Points Fashion Faire (50 vintage fashion dealers in one space)
Where: O Club
641 West Red Line Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
When: Friday October 21st “First Stab” 6-9pm w/$10 admission fee (also admits for Saturday show) + Halloween Costume Contest at 8pm
Saturday October 22nd 10-11am “First Stab” 10-11am w/$10 admission fee, or 11am-5pm w/$5 admission fee

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