Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shoe Find of the Week: Tsubo Shoes

Super cute, my "Cusus" boots

Even though I have this blog to bring awareness to the Bay Area fashion and beauty industry I’m also always shocked when I find out yet another brand is based out of the Bay Area. This is the case for Bay Area based show brand Tsubo. Tsubo is a fairly young brand, that started in 1997, and features both men and women’s designs. What makes Tsubo unique is the use of ergonomic designs to create a comfortable, supportive shoe, perfectly melded with a sleek, urban, fashionable aesthetic. Clearly this outlook on shoe design should be expected since being smart and stylish is truly a Bay Area characteristic. I also love that the brand caters to not only women but also men, truth be told one of my favorite designs is a men’s shoe.

Shock absorbing rubber bubbles.

Tsubo is a Japanese word that means “Pressure Point” which you won’t have with a pair of Tsubo shoes. In addition to the ergonomics and thoughtfully designed mid soles, Tsubo uses shock absorbing rubber bubbles on the soles of the shoes to protect our feet from pressure points, which for someone like me that has had bouts of Plantar Fasciitis (Google it) is a dream come true. Don’t want to sacrifice comfort for fashion, with Tsubo you don’t have to, HAPPY SHOPPING!

The brown "Winslow" boot to the right are amazing for Men

You can find Tsubo shoes in the Bay Area at the following locations:

Rabat Shoes – Berkeley and San Francisco

Earthly Goods – Berkeley

Nobel Shoes- San Francisco

Gimme Shoes – San Francisco

Shoe Biz – San Francisco

Not in the Bay Area? Use the Find a Tsubo Retailer option online.

Disclosure: Shoes were provided by a Public Relations Company. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of any outside source.

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