Friday, September 2, 2011

Shop Talk: Kmart Fashion

If you’ve ever read my blog before then you know that I’m kind of obsessed with fashion, but I'm not obsessed with spending a lot of money on fashion. Even when I have a few extra dollars I always try and find a sale or something extremely fashionable at a reasonable price as evident by my "B.A. Style File Steals" post. It boils down to the fact that dropping a ton of cash on a trend isn’t an automatic to cool. Style is a cocktail. Part confidence. Part creativity. Part risk. When you got it, you got it. And that’s why others want it. Because money can’t buy style. Style is something that is inherent, as much a part of you as your personality.

Bay Area Kmart, in Pinole, CA

While department stores and boutiques have always been go to shopping destinations for the fashionable, they are now getting some major competition from big box stores. Kmart, is one store that has definitely changed their image of the “Blue Light Special” place to the “ I can't believe you got that from there” place. Kmart has also done something truly diffrent from oother big box stores, Kmart has managed to increase its fashion IQ 10 fold and hasn’t gone the route of collaborations with big name designers to be successful. Kmart now boast fashionable clothing for women and juniors of all sizes that have a great mix of on trend pieces for a prices you can take risks at, as well as classic wardrobe staples. Place a Kmart ad side to side with any big name department store and you would not know the difference. There are a few Bay Area Kmart locations as well as the convenience of online shopping so trying Kmart out won't be too hard, HAPPY SHOPPING!

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