Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Obsession: Natural Jewelry

Starry Night Earrings (Photo Credit/Designed By PeaceImages)

Some people say that those of use from the Bay Area are laid back, friendly, care free, natural, and I’m tending to agree with them. Take my taste in jewelry for instance while I can occasionally be over the top my typical look is laid back and natural which makes the influx of jewelry made of natural stones a welcomed gift. No longer do I have to just rely on local flea markets, or Telegraph Avenue to get my “hippie” jewelry fix, it’s all around me, and even more beautiful than some of the pieces I picked up long ago. What I love about this jewelry is that each piece is one of a kind, since no stone will look exactly the shape or size of another. The fact that I’m not only finding them at larger places like Urban Outfitters, and Free People, but that I can find them a small independent boutiques like PeaceImages, or through Etsy is a bonus. Some of these pieces are pricey and definitely investment pieces, but you need not worry these styles are timeless head turners.

Current Obsession: Natural Jewelry (http://bayareastylefile.blogspot.com)

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