Monday, August 8, 2011

Accessory Find of the Week: Hitchhiker Convertible bag

I absolutely love the Hitchhiker Convertible bag from Nasty Gal. Full disclosure I generally hate when adult women wear backpacks (other than students), but because this one is a solid color and doesn't have those gaudy labels all over it I think I can accept it. I’m also a sucker for multifunctional clothing/accessories and as the name alludes to this bag is all about multi purpose, not only is the Hitchhiker Convertible bag a backpack but it also can be worn as a purse. If you are a weekend bike rider like myself it’s the perfect go to bag, the backpack will fit evenly on your back while riding and not leave you unbalanced to one side like a purse would. When you get off the bike you can slip the bag right from your back to your shoulder, and look like your ready to go shopping, or walk into a restruant. Even if you aren’t a bike rider this bag is perfect for almost everyone, a mom, career women, and of course a fashionable student. For 58 bucks I say it’s a definite must buy.

Photo Cred: Nasty Gal

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