Friday, June 3, 2011

Cover Shots: Headbanger Accessories in Essence Magazine

This isn’t necessarily a cover shots story as I’m not going to focus at all on Alicia Keys but what’s inside the June 2011 issue of Essence Magazine. I’ve mention the local company Headbanger Accessories numerous times before, because I happen to like the 3 lovely ladies behind the brand Tiffany, Tasha, and Shayla, and secondly both the ladies and the brand are bringing a light to the Bay Area fashion scene with their unique and fun accessories. So it makes sense that I’m so happy that their work was used in a fashion spread in Essence Magazine. Very few designers work is ever seen on the national stage so this is such a great opportunity for them, and it also opens the door to other Bay Area designers. So if you would like to support a Bay Area brand buy your copy of the June issue of Essence which is on newsstands now. Oh and by the way Headbanger Accessories is having a sale on the earrings that were featured in the fashion spread and as always you can customize them in the color and size that’s right for you, so get yours now!

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Camille. said...

go head ladies!!!! keep opening doors for us indie designers. love it!!!

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