Thursday, June 16, 2011

BASF Beauty Week: MAC and NARS

While I don’t anything to add about the MAC line that some of you makeup mavens don't alreayd know I had to write a little something about the line just because the MAC model was the most stunning, not only did her orange lips captivate, but her outfit (courtesy of Nordstrom) was spectacular.

The MAC segment highlighted the summer color collection, false lashes, and was all about embracing brights on your lips but also those arms/legs and featured Skinsheen Leg Spray which was shown on the models arm, and I’m sure can be used there too. The Leg Spray is less of a spray and more of a mousse which allows for easy lotion like application.

After the show, the MAC team performed a small class for about 20 ladies, which highlighted the MAC top ten items which featured brushes, balm, and much more

Now to NARS, yes I’m committing a sin and mentioning MAC and NARS in the same post, but the NARS presentation was different. NARS featured a product that I already have, their Illuminator which comes in the coveted shade Orgasm, and also Super Orgasm, Copacabana, and a color I’m coveting Laguna. The Laguna shade reminds me of a creamy, lighter bronzer and this shade as well as the others are worn as an add on to your beauty regiment so you can still keep you normal blush, and foundation. What’s also enjoyable about the Illuminator is the texture its uber lightweight, and almost has a feel of a serum that just glides across the skin. As did MAC and Guerlain, NARS also featured a Body Illuminator the only thing about there is its limited edition meaning it’s only available during the summer time, so this is and item to stock up on.

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