Friday, April 29, 2011

Beauty Find of the Week: Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara at Stript Wax Bar

My lashes before the cry baby treatment

At the very end of 2010 I let you know of some fun new services that Stript Wax Bar would be offering for 2011. If you can recall the one I was most interested in was the semi-permanent mascara, and two weeks ago I was able to try it for the first time. On occasions like this when I receive a complimentary services at Stript Wax Bar ( thanks a bunch) it’s usually the owner Katherine who assist me, but she was out of town working on their newest location in Los Angeles ( more on that in another post), so the wonderful Emily helped me with my service. I first learned some basics about the semi-permanent mascara itself which is called Cry Baby, and then Emily asked some general questions i.e. do I wear mascara on my bottom lashes, and if I’m “eye sensitive, to get an idea of what kind of look I wanted. As a result of these questions I went for a natural look on my upper lashes only. Emily then went over more about the product, which looks and feels like normal mascara but last 2 weeks, and is water and smug proof. Cry Baby is also only applied by a professional esthetician who has gone through the necessary training needed to apply the product. After my consultation and a review of the product Emily went to work.

The tools used in the cry baby treatment

Here’s what happened:

1. Makeup remover is applied to the eye area to ensure there is no makeup/residual oils

2. My bottom lashes were taped with medical tape ( to avoid mascara from setting on them)
3. My lashes were curled
4. Cry Baby primer was applied to my upper lashes
5. Cry Baby Coat and Fab Fibers were mixed for application (Cry Baby is not a pre-mixed item)
6. Using a micro brush the mixture was applied to my lashes just like normal mascara
7. A metal tool was used to quickly separate my lashes before the mixture dried to avoid clumping

This is only used for lower lashes, it produces steam so you can keep you eye open.

The results were a really natural look, as if I had lightly applied my favorite mascara. I really like the look it gave my eyes which are mostly "caged" behind glasses. If my looks just isn't enough, you can opt for a more glamorous look. All an all this is a really good services, I personally wouldn’t get it all the time, but it's good for someone who has allergies to other mascaras, and of course it’s perfect for special occasions and vacations.

Here's me after. Sorry for the blurry pic, but there is definitely a more pronounced lash here.

· Unlike individual lashes it doesn’t remove your lashes, or look “fake”
· Cost effective option compared to eye lash extensions ( which need touch ups etc)
· Spa like setting for application
· Cuts down on makeup application time
· Last a full two weeks ( probably more if you take excellent care and avoid any products around the lash area)

· The material sets really quickly so you may get a few that are “stuck together”
· You have to avoid water etc for about 4 hours after application
· Use of “oil based” products can reduce the wear time
· You cannot layer your own mascara on top ( so you need to make a wise choice if you want to go natural or glam)
· Much more costly than daily mascara application
· While the amount was negligible I did loose a few lashes
· Cannot remove it yourself after it’s applied

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