Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shoptalk/Q&A: Behida Dolic designer of Yellowfield7

One of my favorite hats!

I’m a blogger who enjoys reading other fun interesting blogs, and one of my favorites is Addicted 2 Etsy. While reading Addicted 2 Etsy I came upon the most beautiful hats, with the most intricate detail so of course I clicked the link to find the Yellowfield7 shop. The designer behind Yellowfield7’s wonderful hats is Behida Dolic who I quickly realized was a local designer, out of Berkeley, CA ( by way of Bonsnia) . I contacted Behida via Etsy and much to my delight she agreed to do an interview about herself and the hats she designs. You’ll find that Behida is a truly inspirational individual, and it’s evident through the pieces of art she creates.

One of Behida's favorite designs
What is your background ?

More than half of my life, I lived in a small village in northern Bosnia. It was here that my life as an artist began. I was surrounded by crafters, kilim makers and farmers. My father was a furniture builder who taught me the importance of hard work and never giving up what I love.During the 1990s the dreadful war in Bosnia swept through my village. Sadly, my father and my mother, along with many other Bosnians, did not survive the war. For the first time in my life I left my home. After several years of living in refugee camps, I found myself on a voyage to America. So here I am, 11 years later, many obstacles overcome, making hats. I always knew that I was an artist, which helped me a great deal when I was crafting the path for my life in America. I followed my dream step by step. I worked, learned English and put myself through art school. The first two years of my education I spent studying millinery in Florence, Italy, and then went on to the San Francisco Art Institute to finish my BFA.

What made you decide to become a hat designer ?

I fell in love with the art of millinery when I lived in Italy. I was mesmerized by the romance and history of hat making and those who made them. I was fascinated with the sculptural and architectural aspects of hat making, and I think of my hats as wearable sculptures. The first time I made a hat I was so excited and at that moment I knew that I had found my passion. Millinery just seemed to be a perfect vehicle for my imagination. Every day I open the doors to my studio, the magic room of felt, the world is full of endless creative possibilities.

What is your favorite clothing item this season ?

My favorite clothing item this season is my vintage wool blazer. It keeps me warm; it goes with absolutely anything I wear; and it is so chic.
Another one of my favorites

If you weren't designing what would you be doing?

When I am not making hats, I am most likely out swing dancing. Or, taking my sweet puppy for a walk. I also enjoy treasure hunting for beautiful ribbons, buttons and antique shoe buckles that may become a part of one of my millenary sculptures.

Do you feel like there is a "Fashion Industry" in Bay Area ?

I do believe that there is a strong fashion industry in the Bay Area. It's not New York, but it's definitely thriving and independent. Every day I discover something or someone new and I can't believe that they live so close to me. But I must admit that I am not so much part of the fashion "industry" — I mainly deal with individuals, making custom, one-of-kind hats, along with some small-scale wholesale.

What is your favorite non-headwear accessory in your closet?

My plaid cashmere scarf – something I splurged on, but it was worth every penny.

What type of woman wears a Behida Dolic Hat?

I really cannot say that there is a specific type of woman who wears my hats. Over the years my customers have ranged across all ages and backgrounds, and live in different parts of the world. One thing that all these women have in common is that they love hats. They appreciate the craftsmanship behind millinery.

One of Behida's favorites

To find out more about Behida Dolic visit her site www.behidadolic.com


Mischo Beauty said...

Great interview- very inspiring! Love her work!!!

Simplycyn said...

sweet deal, thanks for the shout-out, very cool feature

zara james said...

I also started out as an artist, but that was 15years ago.

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