Monday, February 14, 2011

Shoptalk: BobbePin

If you’re anything like me, you have moved away from the mall, and are more of a boutique shopper. In addition to being a boutique shopper I’m an avid online shopper, and BobbePin is the perfect combination of both, and did I mention it’s also a Bay Area based shop. BobbePin was founded by two professional women who were also over the mall shopping experience, but still wanted to find great fashion. The original idea of BobbePin was to only sell white blouses, but the ladies soon found out it was hard to find things that had the quality and price point they desired. The women behind BobbePin want what many of us want beautiful clothing, for events and everyday that is within a budget, one even said “I don’t wear the tag I wear the clothing, remember cost does not always reflect quality! This is directly in line with one of BobbePin’s goals “offer a variety of Indie designer QUALITY clothing at good price points, trying to stay under $250 is our goal.” The store isn’t all about women; the shop offers simply styled indie designs for men and for women. What’s even more wonderful is with every purchase BobbePin donates 5% of that sale to charities like the; Autism Society of America, Environmental Defense Fund, Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, and MADD. So if you want to look great, without breaking the bank, and also give back then you defiantly should check out BobbePin.

photo cred: BobbePin

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