Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Style File Find of the Week: BDG Mitered Stripe Pocket Tank

I know you’re asking yourself, “what’s the big deal about this striped tank” well I’ll tell you what it’s not a racer back tank. While I love the look of a racer back tank, for many women they are just plain difficult to wear. I could rarely find a women over a B cup that didn’t have a bra strap peaking around a racer back tanks signature “T”, nor did I ever find a women that didn’t at some point either show me “side boob” or part of her bra due to the ridiculously low cut arm holes of some racer back styles. What is even more frustrating is for the past two years it seems that many companies were only making tank tops in racer back styles. So more than this being a post about the BDG Mitered Stripe Pocket Tank it’s really an ode to the revival of the traditional tank top style, a truly refreshing and welcomed change back to a classic.

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