Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cover Shots: Nicki Minaj on V Magazine

photo cred: V Magazine

Let me start off with some brutal honesty, I am not a Nicki Minaj fan I think her rap skills are the worst of almost any female rapper EVER. I also don’t like that very young girls try to emulate her style, but I don’t blame her for that I blame their parents. What I do like is that while it may be recycled (see: Lil Kim) she is bringing a little flare, a la Lady Gaga to the Hip Hop arena. What I also like is her toned down cover for V Magazine’s Spring Preview 2011 issue (on stands this week). The 4 toned blond hair, the full length “back shots” are gone, and replaced with a structured black bob, simple makeup with a beautiful seasonal pop of pink on the lips.

Another moment of extremely random Nicki Minaj “like” was her appearance on Fashion Police while she looked silly ( I hate that blond hair), she was composed, funny,and held her own with Joan Rivers.

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