Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wonderbar Wednesday: Week 4

It's week 4 of my Wonderbar use and I can finally report some improvement. My skin is finally back to it's fully hydrated self, there's no dryness anywhere, and some of the hyper-pigmentation around my chin is gone. All and all I think my skin is back to what it was before Wonderbar. I'm hoping this is a sign that I'm fully clear of the "healing crisis" and that now the real improvements will happen. So far my jaw line has seen no improvement though, which is disappointing. I'm willing to give the product a few more weeks ( at least until I use the rest of the new bar I purchased) before making my final judgement of if this product works ( for me) or not.

Check out my past post and my progress:

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You bolg is very good and you have different view ,I learn a lot ,thanks !

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