Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wonderbar Wednesday: Week 3 ( Tuesday)

Skin is a lot more rough (tiny bumps)

For all my readers that have been keeping up with my Wonderbar experience you'll be glad to know that my dry patch is over (literally). While my skin is not as hydrated as it was before my use of the bar 3 weeks ago, the "snake skin", desert dryness, light peeling, and itching I was complaining about in week 2 have gone. I'm not through the wilderness that is know as the "healing crisis" though, now I've been getting more of the whiteheads I'd mentioned last week, which luckily go away in literally 24 hours, but I'm also noticing some really fine bumps ( which you can see in the picture) which I haven't really experienced in the past. I'm hoping these "bumps" in the road to my new healthy skin pass as quickly as the harsh dryness.

Wonderbar Remains....RIP

As for the bar itself, this is what it looked like by the end of last week, right after my last update the bar almost started melting. I could barely hold the bar in my hand without pieces slipping off. I immediately ordered a bar on Saturday, and fingers crossed it will arrive today! What I've been doing in the mean time is wetting my finger and runny it around the container, there is surprisingly a lot of melted Wonderbar still there. My next steps are to go visit the Wonderbar Facebook site which is a excellent resource on finding out even more about the product, what moisturizers are compatible, vent about the "healing crisis", and see before/after photos submitted by other facebookers. I plan on asking it these fine bumps are a normal part of the crisis, and how much longer should I expect it to last.

My dreaded hyper-pigmentation is still there

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