Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nailed It: Shellac Manicure

just some of the color collection, photo cred: CND

I like many women cannot keep nail polish on my nails. The longest I can go without even one little chip is 48 hours, but usually my nails are chipping within 24 hours. I’ve tried just about everything, and there was no special base coat, or polish that work that is until CND’s Shellac came along. Shellac is a nail polish gel hybrid and most of it's attributes resemble polish with one huge excepting no chipping. After hearing about the no chipping aspect I promptly went to CND’s website and found there were several Bay Area locations that offered the services. I ended up choosing The Lounge which happens to be the sister shop of my go to mani/pedi spot The Nail Shop.

After my manicure was complete, mirror shine!

The process began as a typical $10 “Nail Shop Manicure” does; shape (cut/file), soak, cuticle maintenance, buff, the only difference is the hand massage that usually follows the buff occurred after the Shellac polish was applied. This time post buffing the nail technician applied a coat of CND’s Shellac Clear base coat and placed my hands under a UV light for several seconds, next she applied a coat of the Shellac Color ( I picked Rosebud) and placed my hands under the UV light for several more seconds and repeated this step with another coat of color, she finished off with a coat of Shellac clear top coat and another several seconds under the UV light. I was able to walk right out after that with no fear of messing up my polish, it was a great service, and I highly recommend it!

Close Up of my completed manicure

Cost: $30 (includes manicure treatment, and Shellac Process)

• Much more shiny than your average polish
• No abnormal thickness, coats like normal nail polish
• No Harsh Smell
Doesn’t add too much more time onto a manicure
• No Drying time
• Cost effective compare to constantly re-polishing, and Gel Nails

• This is an in salon only services

My manicure at Day 14 ( there is some wear on the tips but no chipping)

On and the most important part, especially for former Acrylic/Gel nail wears there is NO and I mean no filing, or clipping to remove Shellac, you simply apply the Shellac Wrap Removers which actually only stick to the nail and not all over your hands and in a matter of minutes the color is gone and your ready for a new manicure!

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