Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dare to Wear: BDG Capri Leggings

Do not ask me why but I am drawn to these BDG Capri Legging. Every fashion savvy part of me is saying NO capris are wrong they cut women off at the wrong place, make your legs look short, stubby, and sometimes..... GASP fat. However the oh so savvy Urban Outfitters has managed to style them with tops that are the perfect length not too long that it looks like a gown, and not to short to expose all of your backside. Urban Outfitters has also paired them with the proper shoe, a heeled one, if worn with a flat I think these little pants would be hideous and I wouldn’t even considering a purchase. Of course the black and olive colors are the only option, the grey seem too casual and like the should only be worn to workout in. They’re priced at 20 bucks, and I think I’m willing to take a risk for that price.....are you?

Capri Leggings
Capri Leggings by bastylefilegirl featuring capri leggings

Capri Leggings Chic or Weak?


A said...

i just can't get a good grasp on this trend :\

Brad Fallon said...

I've never been a fan of capris - not even these. Sorry:(

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