Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SoCal Corner: h.wood.beauty

photo credit: h.wood.beauty

This blog has always been dedicated to the Bay Area (and Northern California) and I plan on keeping it that way, but occasionally I come across amazing designers, and beauty brandsfrom our “sister” down South, and so I’ve decided to add a new section to the blog called SoCal Corner, it will be dedicated to independent/small designers and beauty brands from SoCal. The first line I’d like to highlight is one that is pretty unique h.wood.beauty. Well before I can tell you about h.wood.beauty I need to go back a little, The Tea Room at h.wood is an exclusive club which serves tea umm "prohibition tea," ( which is infused with alcohol and served from a tea pot a la 1920’s), and is a hang out of the Hollywood elite. h.wood.beauty is the cosmetics line inspired by the night spot and is equally unique and also infused with tea (no alcohol though). What’s even more amazing about h.wood.beauty is while it is inspired by nightlife it is nothing but great for yourskin because each of the brands products, which range from a Lip Shine, Lip Tea Scrub, and Lip Tea (lip balm), are not only infused with tea but also some wonderful, anti aging, and skin protecting ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, raw honey, organic sugar and camellia oil.
My samples from h.wood.beauty lip tea scrub, plum lip shine (pot), ruby lip shine, poppy lip shine, and vanilla caramel lip tea
Currently the line is all about the lips with its Lip Shine ($16 stick/$20 pot) which comes in 5 color options, Lip Tea ($10) which comes in 6 handmade, organic, tea infused options, and finally my favorite Lip Tea Scrubs ($24) which also comes in 6 all natural, handmade, organic, and tea infused options.

I’m totally sold on this brand I’ve actually put my beloved mint chapstick down and I’m wearing the lip tea in Vanilla Caramel every day, so if you would like to get hooked too check out h.wood.beauty. Happy Shopping!

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Mischo Beauty said...

I need to check this out line out. Loving the ingredients! :)

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