Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BASF Men's: M2K Modern Fit Shirt

Hands down EXPRESS makes some of my favorite non-tailored shirts for men. I’m especially fond of their MK2 Modern Fit Stretch Cotton Shirt the fit is youthful and slim, but not skinny it is relaxed enough through the chest that it doesn’t look as if your mom made you wear your little brothers shirt. The two front pockets, and the epaulettes give it a casual feel, but depending on the type of office you’re in daily you could definitely get away with it at the office with the proper pair of slacks. And for all the larger gentlemen who are looking at the model saying his shirt is too tight, and you would NEVER, I’m telling you that you can find the appropriate size and the shirt will give you a slimming not tight effect, promise! The tag says machine washable, but I recommend dry cleaning due to the fact that the garment contains spandex and machine washing may compromise the fit, and eventually the amount of times you’re able to wear it. Final recommendation, please DO NOT roll the sleeves of this shirt pass your elbows like the model it looks silly (see the model in the blue shirt, that’s how you do it). Happy Shopping Dudes!

Where to Buy: Express.com, Bay Street (Emeryville), Westfield Center (San Francisco)
Price: $59.90

photo cred: Express

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Louis Vuitton Handbags said...

makes a guy looks really fab and handsome. i want my bf to wear this outfit...nice!

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