Thursday, June 3, 2010

Style File Find of the Week: LL Bean Signature

I’m eating crow right now! Like many of you I’ve walked passed the LL Bean store and turned my nose up and even went as far as saying “I would NEVER shop there”. I know it's not just me that has the stereotype about that store and who shops there, old unfashionable rich people. Well I’m here to say stereotypes suck, and never say never because LL Bean or should I say its newest creation LL Bean Signature is churning out some serious style. LL Bean Signature much like the orginal line is full of New England Style (think top siders, and sweaters over the shoulder), but with a much more youthful appeal and a much tailored/modern fit. Even the models on the LL Bean Signature site are younger, and have a fashion magazine not catalogue quality about them. I’m smitten with all the casual cool pieces that can fit right in to your spring/summer wardrobe. Prices are also really reasonable with a range from $19-$224 (that’s for a large all leather tote). I think Gap, J.Crew and Banana Republic better watch out there is a old I mean new kid in town and their name is LL Bean Signature.

a few of my favorite pieces!

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