Monday, June 7, 2010

Nailed It: Purple Rain

This post is not only dedicated to my love of nail art but for the love for my favorite artist some like to call “the purple one”, Prince who is celebrating his 52nd Birthday today (I know I can’t believe he’s 52 either). A little back story for those of you saying “really purple nails” , ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved purple, but I have to say I hardly ever wear it, so I decided that gel nails was just a fabulous way to wear the color I love so much. The design I opted for once again is a gradation one much like the Fade To Pink design I wore last month. Gradation is just a clear base which fades up into a darker purple using Bella Forma and Cal Gel products, as well as a really cool purple glitter gel that Keina pulled out of her stash of all things glitter! Keina topped off the simple, yet eye catching design with a rhinestone on each ring fingernail.

Have any Gel Nail questions, you can submit them to me a “Subject: Nails”

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