Monday, May 10, 2010

Nailed It: Fade To Pink

I absolutely love the fact that I went simple with my nails and my nail artist Keina was happy about it too, it allowed her to do something she hadn’t done in a while, simple gradation. In my case pink gradation, which is simple my nails fade from clear to faint pink, to a lighter pink, to light pink, to hot pink. What’s amazing is only one color of Bella Forma pink was used, Keina just applied darker applications of the color over the lighter ones, then she custom mixed some glitter CalGel with some loose glitter to give me a little pop!

I get a lot of questions so I’ve decided to answer a few monthly, first up…..

Q) How much does it cost?
A) It depends on what you get, just to get a basic set (clear) it is $50.

Q) How long do they last?
A) Up to 4 weeks, and I wear mine for 4 weeks.

Q) 4 Weeks?! How do you keep them looking so nice?
1. I always choose a design that is clear at the base of my nail so that when they do grow out you can’t see it.
2. Once a week I wet a cotton pad with non acetone nail polish remover and rub it over each nail, then put one coat of clear ( any of your favorite clears will do) over each nail which refreshes the gel and makes it look as if you just walked out of the shop!
3. I also use Nail/Cuticle oil daily keeps your cuticles nice and also helps your actually nails too!
If you'd like your question answered leave it in the comment sections and I'll try and answer it next month!

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1 comment:

jennine said...

oh man, i'm always so envious of people who can wear nails.. mine are so weak, they cant even take clear nail polish without splitting after three weeks.

i love the gradient pink! it's amazazing!

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